Wellkem offers serious, qualified consulting and support services that provide operational peace of mind for its customers.


The issue of air quality in HVAC systems is a sensitive topic because most air conditioning systems, due to its dynamic operation, represents a critical node of contamination and needs attention and appropriate sanitization both on the Air Treatment Units and on the distribution channels.
Wellkem - partner of GWA, one of the leading national companies in the field - offers its customers a series of services ranging from preliminary technical inspection to the execution of all subsequent sanitization and monitoring activities to always guarantee users and occupants the best quality characteristics of the air.

Wellkem, in addition to the management of traditional sanitation activities, also proposes for the installation of the best technologies of active sanitization of air conditioning systems.


Keeping the extractor hoods clean and the ejection system of the kitchen free of strong accumulations of fat is essential to make cooks and kitchen staff work at their best. The accumulation of grease inside the plants causes the malfunction, putting at great risk the hygiene and safety of the environment, resulting in unpleasant consequences.


Wellkem offers its customers valuable support in assessing and managing the risk related to legionella, which is a bacterium that lives in water and can be transmitted by air in all situations involving vapors, sprays and aerosols (see shower, sauna, swimming pools, gardening, etc.).

Ubiquitous pathogenic microorganism, water/aeraulic plants act as amplifiers. Inhaled could cause lung infections, fever to death.


The odor treatment market is quite diverse because users can be food, tanning, meat slaughter, pig farming, and even formally "clean" activities but with occasional problems resulting from plant malfunction.
Wellkem supports companies in the assessment and neutralization of odorous emissions. The recent D.Lgs. n. 102/2020 has amended art. 268 of Legislative Decree no. 152/2006, inserting the definition of odorous emissions such as «conveyed or diffuse emissions having odour effects».