Wellkem is a strategic partner of professional operators, especially the industrial world, the healthcare sector, the HoReCa and the hotel tourism sector, sharing and merging the experience of GWA - Gima Water & Air in the treatment of different environmental matrices and in the production of chemicals with that of a group of specialists from the field of chemical auxiliaries for cleaning, sanitization, and civil and industrial maintenance.

Wellkem offers its customers products and services highly specialized and effective for different uses and applications, with the aim of proposing efficient and eco-sustainable solutions that solve problems, minimize stocks and are cost-effective.

Wellkem places its production and logistics bases within the "parent company" Gima Water & Air with which it shares resources, spaces, and men, but is aimed at a widespread customer service with the approach of the general contractor or a subject that can solve almost all the operational problems through the provision of a very large basket of products and services.

Wellkem offers that: